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Diana does acupressureDiana’s e-book Emergency Acupressure for Horses shows you how to find and use three powerful acupressure points known to help horses in distress.* The e-book is free when you signup for Diana’s Newsletter. It includes:

*Caution: If your horse has a medical emergency call your veterinarian and follow his advice. Use acupressure only as time and safety allows.

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Diana’s New Book will be Available Soon!

Diana and MaxAcupressure Methods for Horses, Calm your horse, support health, and improve performance with 8 powerful points is almost completed. The barn-friendly spiral-bound book provides step-by-step instructions and quality photos that show you how to do acupressure.

As part of her final editing process, Diana asked horse owners without any acupressure experience to read the book and give her instructions a try. Here’s one review:

“My horse is an extremely sensitive thoroughbred. He lets you know right away if he doesn’t like something. Remarkably, he relaxed with acupressure on six of the seven points in Diana’s book.

When I follow the how-to instructions and touch the points my horse lowers his head and then he softens. I can feel him slow within himself. There is a softness and stillness that comes over him. Thank you for your work and the opportunity to learn from your book. This is a useful new resource that I’m adding to my horse care program.”
Kathy Kellison, barn manager
Santa Rosa, CA

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Online Class Starts this Fall, 2018

Diana will be teaching a new online class in how to do acupressure with horses this fall. The program features step-by-step video lessons plus time with Diana to insure your acupressure success. Topics include how to:

A limited number of students will be accepted into the class.

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A Great Gift for Your Horse

Diana's book, Acupressure Point Charts for Horses, An Illustrated Guide to 128 Point Locations and Uses is in stock now. The 272-page book is printed in a "barn-friendly" flip chart format with 400 photographs and 100 illustrations.

Click here for complete information and download and print full-size sample chart pages.

BONUS OFFER: Order Acupressure Point Charts for Horses and receive the 6-page color laminated chart, Emergency Acupressure Points for Horses for only $5.95 (a $10 savings!)

Acupressure Point Charts For Horses

Review from veterinarian, Cheryl Schwartz, author, Four Paws, Five Directions, A Guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs:

"Diana Thompson’s book Acupressure Point Charts for Horses is fabulous for all horse people who want to learn about keeping their horses vital, flexible and healthy. For veterinarians and other horse professionals interested in Chinese Medicine, acupressure and massage, the book offers some of the best photos I’ve seen for locating meridians and points. For lay people, this book is user friendly, with its layout and practical, precise explanations.  Being an educator and author for twenty years, and a holistic veterinarian for thirty, I fully appreciate the work and effort that went into the making of this book. Hats off to you, Diana!"