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Acupressure DVD and Point Book on the Way!

Diana’s new instructional DVD and 100-page Point Book are in production with a planned release date of summer, 2017. Here are descriptions of these educational products:

In Acupressure for Horses, Video 1, Complete Instruction in Methods and 7 Vital Points, Diana provides detailed instruction in how to do acupressure on horses. She discusses the energy known as qi and shows you how to do acupressure in very clear step-by-step chapters. Then, Diana moves to the barn where a lovely gray quarter horse named King helps her show you how to find the locations of seven acupressure points and work on them. As Diana works with King, she demonstrates how to position your hands and body, and focus your mind, in order to carry out acupressure in a simple, yet deeply effective manner. The close-up video footage makes it easy to see King’s responses to the acupressure session. He lowers his head and neck, blinks and closes his eyes, licks and chews and yawns. His breathing deepens and slows. The points clearly help King relax his mind and body!

Acupressure for Horses, Point Book 1, includes in-depth information on the many uses of the seven acupressure points shown in Video 1. The 100-page book is printed in a spiral-bound format that’s perfect for use in the barn. It includes photos of the seven points and TCM theories about how to combine them into effective multiple-point acupressure sessions.

Filming in Diana’s Barn

The photos on this page were taken during the first day of video filming in August of 2011. The set’s location is the inside of Diana’s barn at her equine facility in Fulton, California (near Santa Rosa, California). Ron Schilling of Nolte Media is the Video 1 producer. Sean Fannin of Traditional Health Arts is a consultant for Video 1 and Point Book 1. Sean is Diana’s primary instructor in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupressure.

Filming Diana's new acupressure dvd

Filming Diana's new dvd
Diana applies acupressure to King, a quarter horse gelding, during filming of her soon-to-be-released DVD. Ron Schilling of Nolte Media is filming the scene; Karen Shaw is holding King. The setting is Diana's barn at her equine facility in Fulton, California (near Santa Rosa, California).
Diana Thompson demonstrates acupressure on King
Diana touches the acupressure point known as Pericardium 6, a point known for its calming influence. King enjoys the effects!
Diana Thompson and co-star, King
Diana with her co-star King, a quarter horse gelding owned by Christy Brunton.