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Five-Flower Formula Calms Hysterical Thoroughbred
by Karen Shaw, June 2012

Bach FormulasMy first experience with seeing a Bach Flower remedy in action was a few years ago when I started working for Diana Thompson to help care for her older Thoroughbred gelding, Timothy. On this particular day, there were only three horses at the barn. When the two other horses were being loaded into a trailer to go trail riding Timothy had a total panic attack. He started galloping around his stall and paddock, whinnying (screaming) at the top of his lungs. I was barely able to halter him, and when I did, he was nearly impossible to handle. Picture a very athletic ex-race horse in full flight mode.
I put Timothy back in his stall and called Diana. She came right down to the barn and diluted the Five Flower Formula concentrate into water in a spray mister bottle. She misted Timothy’s mouth and nose over the stall door and then haltered him. Then, she sprayed the remedy into the palm of her hand. Timothy licked it up like it was sugar and within a minute or two at the very most he calmed down. I was astonished.

I have never seen a horse (or any other animal or person) come back from full-on hysteria so quickly. Not long after the Five Flower Formula settled him down, we put Timothy back in his stall and he was able to cope with the other horses being gone.
After seeing how profound the change was in Timothy, I knew that this was a tool I should have at my fingertips. I now use it in my personal life and professionally at my pet store, Sonoma Pet and Aquatics, in Sonoma, California.

We use the Five Flower Formula every day at the store. It calms the rescue cats we keep in the store that are up for adoption. We also mist it into the self-service dog wash room. When my customers tell me that their dogs are stressed by visits to the veterinarian, moving and traveling, I recommend they try the rescue formula. I consistently hear back from my customers as to how well it works to help their animals.

Note from Diana
Dr. Bach combined five of the single flower essences he discovered into a formula he named “rescue remedy”. It comes in a concentrated liquid solution that contains five flower essences in pure water with alcohol as a preservative. The five flowers are Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem.

There are several different manufacturers who make a flower essence product based on this formula developed by Dr. Bach. The products contain the same five flower essences in similar (but not exactly the same) formulations.

The product manufactured by Bach Original Flower Remedies (the Nelson Company of London, England) carries the name “RESCUE Remedy®”.
The company Healing Herbs Ltd in Hereford, England, makes a product called “Five-Flower Formula™” because of the five flowers in the Rescue Remedy.