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Rescue Formula and Acupressure Revive Fallen Horse

Bach 5 Flower FormulasMirjam Terlingen, horse owner and equine body worker from Spain, used the rescue formula and acupressure on Governing Vessel 26 to help her new mare during a recent emergency. After purchasing the 10-year-old English Thoroughbred mare and her 20-month old colt, Mirjam trailered the two horses to her farm. When they arrived, Mirjam, her boyfriend and another man opened the trailer door. Much to their dismay, they found that the mare had slipped and fallen down in the trailer. She was pinned down between the trailer wall and a partition.

The three people worked quickly to unload the colt and remove the partition. Despite these efforts, and the fact that her colt had been led off to the stable, the mare remained lying down. It had been over 10 minutes since the trailer door had been opened and still, the mare gave no sign of wanting to move.

Mirjam reached for her bottle of Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy. She put some of the essence on her fingers and started stimulating Governing Vessel 26 on the horse’s upper lip. This acupressure point is known for its ability as a resuscitation point. Almost immediately, the mare got to her feet and climbed out of the trailer. Within a minute or so, the mare acted as if nothing at all had happened. She subsequently recovered from the accident with no obvious effects.