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Dilute the Formula Before You Give it to your Horse

Dilute Rescue Formula before giving it to your horseWhether you purchase the RESCUE Remedy® or Five-Flower Formula™ brand of product, the liquid that comes in the bottle is a concentrated mix of the five flower essences, water and alcohol as a preservative. This liquid concentrate is known as the stock formula. It’s designed to be diluted in water before you use it for yourself or your animals. This diluted formula is called the working formula.

Because alcohol is used as a preservative in the concentrated stock formula, it tastes awful and smells “like medicine”. This gives the horse a reason to object to the formula before he’s experienced its calming influence. When it’s diluted in water in the ratio explained below, however, the formula has very little taste or scent and most horses don’t mind giving it a try. Diluting the stock formula before you use it saves you money in the long run as it stretches out how long each bottle will last.
Note: For this article, I will use the term “rescue formula” as a generic term that refers to the combination formula developed from Dr. Bach and not to any particular brand of that formula.

Tip: In an emergency, the stock concentrate can be used straight from the stock bottle “as is”.

Dilute Four Drops of Stock Formula into One Ounce of Water
The concentrated stock of the rescue formula should be diluted in the ratio of four drops stock remedy to one ounce of water.

Use the Best Quality Water
Experts recommend you use the best source of water you have available to you. Well water, filtered water or bottled water is preferred to chlorinated tap water but all will work. Distilled water should not be used.

Choose a Bottle
I prepare the working formula, by adding the concentrated stock formula to either a one-ounce glass dropper bottle or a two-ounce plastic mister or pump spray bottle. For my work with horses and other animals, I prefer using the plastic pump spray bottles. They are safer than glass to have around the barn and give me the option of using the solution as a mist or liquid. In either case, I keep the dilution ratio the same. Therefore, a working formula mixed up in a one-ounce dropper bottle will contain at least four drops of the stock formula and a two-ounce spray bottle will contain at least eight drops of the stock formula.