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How to Give the Rescue Formula to Your Horse

How to give Rescue formula to your horse
how to give rescue formula to your horse
how to give rescue formula to your horse
how to give rescue formula to your horse
how to give rescue formula to your horse
how to give rescue formula to your horse

As you’ll read below, there are a number of ways to give your horse the rescue formula.
Note: Be sure to dilute the stock formula in water before you use it on your horse. The dilution ratio is a minimum of four drops of stock concentrate to one ounce of water. Click here for complete directions for diluting the rescue formula, water and bottle choices and preservatives.

I often use more than one method at a time to give the diluted remedy to a horse. For instance, I may ask the horse to sniff the formula from my hand and then, if he seems interested, let him lick the liquid. Then, I may step to the side and mist the horse’s back or chest or put it on my hand and wipe it on his forehead. If the horse needs the remedy throughout the day or night to relieve stress I put it on his food and, possibly, in his drinking water.

Let the Horse Sniff the Remedy
In many situations, the first way I give rescue formula to a horse is to put it on my hand and offer it to the horse so he can sniff it. I do this a number of times. Then, if the horse is willing, I hold his halter with one hand and cup my other hand, which is wet with the remedy, gently over one of his nostrils for 10 to 15 seconds. This way, he inhales the essence as he breathes. The photos of Diana offering the diluted remedy to Hank shows this method of giving the formula.

Let the Horse Lick it off of Your Hand
Once I’ve asked the horse to sniff the formula, he’ll move to lick the liquid off of my hand. Since the rescue formula is quickly absorbed through the tongue, gums and other tissues of the mouth, this is an excellent way to administer the formula. If the horse licks it off of my hand, I put more liquid in my palm and offer it to him several times.

Put the Remedy on the Horse’s Body with your Hand
Mist several sprays of the diluted rescue formula on to your hand (or use one dropper of the diluted formula if you are mixing the remedy in a dropper bottle). Then, wipe the liquid on the horse’s forehead below the forelock and between his eyes. There are several calming acupressure points in this region that will boost the influence of the formula. The photo of Diana with Hank shows this method. You can also wipe, mist or sponge bath the diluted remedy on other areas of the horse’s body.

Spray Mist the Horse’s Body
Misting the horse with the diluted rescue formula is one of my favorite ways to administer it. I learned about this method of application from Jessica Bear, a naturopathic physician and author of a number of books about the Bach remedies. Hold the spray bottle several feet away from the horse and mist the area of his chest and down the top of his back. Once the horse accepts this method, you might try gently misting the remedy in the direction of his nostrils and mouth (see the photo of Diana misting Hank).

Once a horse understands the misting process and the effect the remedy has on him, he will often open his mouth for the mist to be sprayed directly onto his tongue. If he likes it on his tongue, I will often spray it directly into my hand and see if he will lick it up.

Important: Do not spray directly at the horse’s eyes. Check to see which direction the wind is blowing. Then, stand to the side of the horse, at least four to six feet away, and send the spray as a gentle mist towards the horse’s nose. Once the horse is used to the spray noise and application you can spray fairly closely to her body.

If the horse is afraid of the misting noise, I stand a few feet away and turn my body away from him to spray the diluted formula onto my hand or onto a food treat for application. Standing in this manner (turned away from the horse) muffles the sound of the mister and allows the horse to gradually adjust to a direct spray.

Use it as a Sponge Bath
When a horse has an old injury or an area of their body that has been injured and traumatized (such as a horse that has been spurred viciously or beaten), I put the rescue formula in water and use it as a sponge bath. Put 10 drops of concentrated stock formula or one ounce of diluted formula into one or two cups of water and gently wipe or sponge it over the site of the old wound or abuse. This dilution can also be put over bruised or sore areas to speed up the healing process. Tip: During stressful times, I put the rescue formula in a bath for myself. I put drops of concentrate into the water as it flows into the bathtub. It helps me relax so I can sleep.

Feed the Remedy on Treats, Hay or Grain
You can feed your horse the rescue formula. Put the diluted formula on a piece of carrot, apple, pelleted hay or grain mixes or horse cookies. You can also spray or drop the liquid on her hay.

When a horse gets nervous he may shorten or hold his breath. Putting the remedy on his food helps interrupt this stress response in two ways:

Caution: Don’t use the treat method with horses who are frantic or aggressive around food.

Put the Formula in the Drinking Water
The rescue formula is quickly absorbed through the gums and other tissues of the mouth. When it’s used in people, the most common way for it to be administered is in a glass of water. So, a really effective way to dose your horse is to put the remedy in her drinking water. I recommend this method for horses who are generally anxious, horses who have traveled to a show or those moving to a new home. The remedy helps them calm down and relax.

If you’re worried that the horse will quit drinking his water to avoid the taste, give him two buckets of water, one with the remedy in it and one without. When it’s diluted in water, even in the two ounce mister bottle, however, the remedy has little, if any, scent or taste.

Here is one way to add remedy to the water: when you fill up the horse’s water bucket, put four drops of the concentrated stock solution into the water bucket while the water gushes out of the hose or faucet. If you have the concentrate already diluted into a working formula, add two to four droppers or 20 sprays of the diluted liquid into the bucket as the water rushes in. This way the remedy gets mixed into the water. I add formula to the horse’s water twice a day if possible

Tip: If the horse has an automatic watering device that offers the horse a small container of water, I add less formula. When the horse has a large tub or tank of water, I clean out the tub and add the remedy as I refill the tub to just one-third or half-full.

Put it on the Horse’s Tongue, Mouth and Gums
As mentioned above, the rescue formula is quickly absorbed through the tongue, gums and other tissues of the mouth. Once a horse gets used to sniffing the remedy and having it applied to his body, it is common that they will lick it off of your hand. You can also put the liquid on your hand and massage it on the horse’s upper gums. If your horse enjoys the misting method, you can also mist it directly into their mouth. Some horses like this game and open their mouths quite willingly.

how to use the formula

Photo Credit
The photos were taken by Joanne Panizzera. They show Diana Thompson giving Hank, Joanne’s quarter horse gelding, the diluted rescue formula. Joanne is a professional photographer from Sebastopol, California. You can view her amazing horse, nature and undersea photos at her website: www.joannepanizzera.com