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Governing Vessel Pathway

Acupressure Points on the Governing Vessel

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Governing Vessel Location

Governing Vessel LocationGoverning Vessel Location

The Governing Vessel actually originates in the horse's reproductive organs and surfaces on the outside of the body just under the horse's tail. It then flows directly up the backbone of the horse. It travels up the midline of the back, along the top of the neck, over the top of the head and down the middle of the horse's head to his upper lip. The last point on the outside of the body is on the inside of the horse's upper lip just where the lip joins the gum.

Pathways Purpose

As its name implies, the Governing Vessel (GV) occupies a place of prominence on the horse's body and in his health care. Acupressure points on this vital pathway can be used to maintain and improve back and overall spine health, immune function, and focused, clear thinking. In acute situations, Governing vessel points can treat fever and colic. The point known as Governing Vessel 26 can even restart the heart and respiration of an animal in shock.