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Three Acupressure Points on the Governing Vessel

Acupressure Point LocationWhile Governing Vessel Points can be used for improving many health issues in horses, the focus of this Acupressure How-to article is the ability of three points to calm the horse and ease fear. Sean Fannin, a TCM practitioner from Petaluma, California, who uses acupressure and herbs to assist people in improving their health, says the flow of the Governing Vessel directly over the top of the head gives it a strong influence on the brain and spinal nerves. Good Governing Vessel flow produces clear thinking and mental sharpness. A horse with poor flow here may have foggy, dull thinking processes; a horse with excess flow here may be quite excitable and unable to focus.




Location: GV is on the midline of the head at the very base of the horse's forelock.
Purpose: Acupressure on this point helps the horse to relax. It can help the horse stay calm in stressful situations such as farrier or veterinary appointments. It is known to assist those horses or people who suffer from stage fright or anxiety at shows or other performances. It is also an important point to use on a regular basis to assist the chronically frightened horse come to emotional balance. 

Location of Yin TangYIN TANG

Location: Yin Tang is the name of the point located on the midline directly between the horse's eyebrows. The horse's eyebrows lie on top of the orbit, the bony prominence that surrounds the top of each eye.
Purpose: Yin Tang 's ability to calm the horse in times of emotional disturbance is wonderful for both horse and handler. It is also a key point in treating frontal headaches in people and helpful for easing neck pain and colds.

YIN TANG on the center of the horse's head, midway between the horse's eyebrows. GOVERNING VESSEL 24 is located just below the forelock in the center of the horse's forehead. Both of these points will help calm the frightened or anxious horse.


Location: Governing vessel is located on the highest point of the horse's head, on the bony center of the skull (known as the poll) right between the ears.
Purpose: TCM practitioner Sean Fannin reports that this Governing Vessel point has almost a direct connection to the brain. It gathers energy upwards in the body, helping the horse to stay alert and bright. Because this point revives thinking, it is a good one to use when the horse is tired or depressed.
One of the functions of Governing Vessel energy in the body is to contain or keep organs in their proper place. Because of this function and the ability of GV 20 to pull energy upwards, GV 20 is known to help women with prolapsed uterus (prolapsed means falling out). This serious condition is seen very rarely in horses although is a problem in cattle. Should your horse encounter this problem you should immediately summon veterinary help. Horses do ocasionally develop a mildly prolapsed anus following bouts of heavy diarrhea. GV 20 would be helpful in righting these cases.
Acupressure on GV 20 is also good for any heat symptom such as the horse with a fever, heat stroke or convulsions.