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Diana Thompson’s Equine Facility

Diana Thompson's facility in Fulton CA

Equine Facility Barn, Classroom, Covered Riding Arena

History of Equine Facility

Diana purchased her property in the fall of 1997. She designed and built the current equine facility from the ground up. The business opened in February of 2003; it is permitted by Sonoma County as a commercial stable. Diana teaches private lessons and group equine classes.
Diana lives on the property with her husband Bob Murphy, their faithful cardigan corgi Spenser and cats Alex and Celeste. Currently, Casper the rescue horse and his companion quarter horse gelding Sooty Cat are staying at the barn while Casper goes through a rehabilitation and training program with Diana. Other horses come in to the facility for private lessons and to help with group classes.

Location, Map, Directions, Local Motels and Lodging

Our farm is located near the small town of Fulton, California, in the Russian River Valley of beautiful Sonoma County. It is 15 miles inland (east) from the Pacific Ocean, just north of the town of Santa Rosa. The farm is approximately 1 ½ hours drive north of San Francisco and two hours west of Sacramento, California
The Sonoma County Airport is approximately 4 miles north of the farm. The airport offers flights to and from Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles and San Diego via Horizon Airlines (an affiliate of Alaska Airlines). Other travel options include the San Francisco International Airport and the Oakland International Airport.

Diana’s Training Philosophy

When a horse is unable or unwilling to cooperate with his handler, Diana believes he is experiencing physical discomfort and/or emotional confusion. She addresses these issues with acupressure, massage, Bach flower essences, gentle training and riding methods. Her work improves a horse’s ability to learn and perform without the use of force or dulling repetition. This enhances the horse’s athletic ability and soundness. It allows the relationship between horse and handler to reach the connected place that horse owners know is possible.

Diana’s Private Lessons and Group Classes
You Can Learn To How to Do These Gentle Methods to Help Your Horse

Medical Disclaimer:
The methods listed below are not a substitute for the medical advice of a licensed veterinarian. Horse owners should consult with their veterinarian regarding the health and/or illness of their horse(s).

Equine Acupressure and Massage

Diana has used massage and acupressure in her horse training programs for almost 30 years. She is available to teach you how to use:

These methods relax the horse and improve gait quality and length of stride. In many cases, the horses’ attitude and ability to work improves and a deeper partnership is created between horse and handler.

Ground Handling

Diana uses a variety of ground training methods and obstacle training to establish a relaxed working partnership with each horse. The methods clarify communication between handler and horse and improve the horse’s mental focus and physical coordination. Horses who are frightened, unfocused and pushy benefit greatly from these sessions. The work also benefits horses who are recovering from muscle soreness or injuries and those with little training. Diana also uses ground training to prepare horses for trailer loading, handling by the farrier or veterinarian and under-saddle work.

Customized Bach Flower Essences

In Traditional Chinese Medicine horses who are frightened, unfocused or angry are said to have an unsettled shen (spirit). In order to help these horses, Diana uses acupressure on points that are traditionally used to calm the Heart and settle the shen. She also teaches horse owners how to use Bach Flower Essences for horses who are emotionally upset or spooky. The Bach Flowers (FDA-approved products) may be used by horse owners to help horses recover from accidents, loss of a friend or abuse.

Riding Lessons

Diana has taught horse-back riding lessons for over 30 years. This experience and her training in human massage and movement give Diana the ability to help the rider become physically balanced and comfortable while riding. She also has a wealth of horse training methods to teach the student so they can relax the horse and help he or she carry out a smooth, willing performance. Note: Rider must wear a well-fitted helmet and shoes with heels during riding sessions. Helmets are not supplied by Diana

Private Lesson Fees:
$60 per hour at Diana’s equine facility
$75 per hour at off-site locations

Group Classes

Diana teaches group classes for her own Hands-On Horse Care® business and as an adjunct instructor for the Equine Science program of the Santa Rosa Junior College.
Click here to see her 2013 Class Schedule

Diana’s Background and Teachers

Click here to read Diana’s bio and learn about the teachers she’s studied with during her career.

2007 Equinology Interview with Diana

Click here to read this 2007 question-and-answer interview in which Diana explains her work with horses.


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