Diana Thompson's Equine Facility - Classroom and Teaching Barn

Teaching barn
This Photo shows the front of the teaching barn (looking west).

Inside teaching barn
This view is from just inside the barn aisle, which is 24 feet wide. Three of the gray vinyl “walls” that roll down to enclose the class room can be seen up above the walls on the left and right side of the photo.

Classroom at Diana Thompson's facility
Diana with Acupressure Level One students inside the barn classroom with the roll-down walls in place.

inside classroom
A look inside the barn classroom during an Acupressure Level One course.

class in barn aisle
Acupressure Level Two students stand in the barn aisle with Diana and the quarter horse gelding Chevy, owned by Katy Nicholson. November, 2011.

One of the acupressure classes
Diana teaches a group of SRJC Community Education students in one of the paddocks attached to the barn. Sparky is the helper horse. 

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