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Happy New Year- Meet Casper the Friendly Rescue Horse

I hope you and your horses are doing well. May your 2013 be full of love and learning.

In this newsletter, you get to meet Casper, a young quarter horse gelding with movement problems due to birth injuries. I met Casper this past July, just weeks after losing my beloved 33-year-old Thoroughbred Timothy. I volunteered to give Casper body work and ground handling to help him overcome his injuries. He has made great progress and will be ready to ride soon.

This newsletter also shows you a new section of my website featuring photos of my farm and equine facilities. We’ve been in business for 10 years at this location and still love the spacious teaching barn, classroom and arena. Come and visit some time.
Wishing you the very best, Diana Thompson

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Casper The
Friendly Quarter Horse

Casper the Rescue Horse Needs a New Home

Birth injuries that included a ruptured umbilicus left Casper moving with odd gaits at the walk and trot and choosing to avoid cantering completely. During exams, veterinarians concluded that he would never perform as a cutting horse and euthanasia was suggested. Fortunately, Casper’s owners contacted Diana for help and Casper has responded beautifully to a body work and exercise program. He is now almost three years old and quite a lovely fellow in body and mind.

Click here to read about Casper’s progress and see photos – he will be ready to ride soon!

Take a Look at Diana’s Equine Facility

Diana designed and built her equine facility near Santa Rosa, California, from the ground up. She lives on the property with her husband Bob Murphy, their faithful cardigan corgi Spenser and cats Alex and Celeste. Currently, Casper the rescue horse and his companion gelding Sooty Cat are staying at the barn. Other horses come in to the facility for private lessons and to help with group classes. The property includes a 2900 square foot teaching barn and covered riding arena.

Click here to see photos of the facility barn, classroom and arena

Diana's facility in Fulton CA

April 2013 Dates for the Equine Acupressure Level One Course

During the six-day Level One course, Diana teaches students how to feel qi energy and carry out acupressure sessions on class horses. Students will learn the locations and uses of more than 120 equine acupressure points, twelve organ channels (meridians) and two extraordinary flows of energy. Diana will teach acupressure point combinations and the use of the TCM herb moxa to support a horse’s physical and emotional health.

Click here for the class flier for Equine Acupressure Level One, April 2013

Click here for Diana’s 2013 Teaching Calendar

Acupressure DVD Still in Production

Diana is working hard on finishing a comprehensive instructional DVD that will show horse owners how to do equine acupressure. The program will give students who aren’t able work with Diana in person a way to learn her methods and find some amazing acupressure points up close and detailed! The DVD will be available for purchase later this year. Diana is limiting her teaching schedule this year to make sure the project gets her full attention.

Click here to see photos taken during the first day of filming

Filming Diana's DVD


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