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“Diana Thompson is an amazing teacher. I have gained invaluable knowledge about acupressure, Bach flowers, and horses in general by attending her classes. This knowledge has helped me improve the lives of many horses. I used Diana’s acupressure point charts and the methods she taught me to help save a horse who was just about to be euthanized due to severe colic. The attending veterinarian and the horse owner were delighted.”
Saskia Mollet, Equistential Healing, California
Acupressure, Bach flowers and aromatherapy for horses

“I’ve been lucky enough to experience both private lessons and group clinics with Diana. I’ve benefited greatly from both. Diana’s ability to evaluate the mental and physical condition of horses is surpassed only by her ability to help others develop these valuable skills. She is truly the only teacher I’ve ever studied with who genuinely wants her students to surpass her skills.”
Janna Webster
Horse trainer and farrier, Colorado

Dear Diana,

I was in the Thursday class at the Santa Rosa Junior College that you taught recently as a substitute instructor. I wanted to let you know how your class in acupressure and massage is helping me with my horse Sasha, an Arabian gelding who will be six years old in April.

I ride Sasha on the trails and use dressage training with him in the arena. My goal is to compete in endurance events. Lately, I’ve been using the methods I learned in your class to help Sasha stay more connected with me no matter what we are doing. For instance, out on the trail when we would come up to something that was scary Sasha and would freak out and totally check out. We could not progress and he was unable to learn anything. I began using acupressure to help him come back to center. His favorite point is Pericardium 6 (PC 6). I would dismount and walk Sasha away from the scary thing and then use acupressure to calm him down so that he was reconnected with me. Sometimes I had to do this numerous times to get Sasha to pass whatever it was that scared him, a log, water, tarp, and such, in a calm manner.

As time passed and I worked with Sasha more and more I need to get off less and less. Now he’s to the point where if he gets worried I can touch an acupressure point on his neck while I’m riding and he will relax and put all his trust in me. Just a week or so ago I went on a trial ride with some women I work with and they were blown away with how calm and well behaved my 5-year-old Arabian was. They had no idea that Arabians could be so nice. They both ride Quarter horses. So thank you for all the knowledge you shared with me.

Sincerely, Sarah Hussey

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