Acupressure Instruction Package

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~ Diana’s new 136-page book: Acupressure Methods for Horses: Calm Your Horse, Support Health, and  Improve Performance with 8 Powerful Points. CLICK HERE to see sample book pages and other package details

~ 6 online videos provide more than 45 minutes of instruction.

~ A 4-page chart with photos and uses of the 8 points

These materials will teach you how to use 8 acupressure points safely and accurately with your horse. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

“Diana Thompson has done it again! Acupressure Methods for Horses is a complete, accurate, and amazingly understandable guide to acupressure techniques for horses. The eight points Thompson describes are must-know points for horse owners and her explanations are refreshingly clear. This book is the hands-on, take-it-to-the-barn guide for equine acupressure.”
Dr. Chris Bessent, D.V.M., M.S.O.M., Dipl.O.M., L.Ac.
A Leading Holistic Veterinarian and the Founder of Herbsmith

Available Now – Click Here to Purchase



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