Diana’s e-books are available from Amazon.com

Chapter One of the Acupressure for Horses Course Manual – $7.99

This e-book contains Chapter One of Diana Thompson’s 550-page class manual that she provides to students in her equine acupressure courses. When Chapter One is printed in its hard copy form, it fills almost 60 pages that are 8 ½ by 11 inches in size.
Note: This e-book does not include charts or photographs that show acupressure point locations on the horse.

In Chapter One, which is called Traditional Chinese Medicine Concepts and Language, Thompson explains concepts such as qi, yin and yang, and the shen or spirit of the horse. She provides clearly written definitions of more than 100 words and phrases that are used to describe the functions of acupressure points. She describes 14 energy channels that flow within the horse’s body and uses real-horse examples to explain the Three Factors that disrupt health in the horse.

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