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In the listing for each one of the Classroom Lesson Videos, you’ll see a description of the video content. For most of the lessons, I list additional materials for you to study, such as recommended reading and printable pdfs. I also suggest homework exercises.
Lesson One: TCM, Qi, and Acupressure
Length of Video: 17 minutes 25 seconds Diana explains core concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including the concept of qi, the correct flow of qi, incorrect flows of qi, patterns of disharmony, types of qi in the body, and channels of qi. She explains the nature of acupressure points and how to use your fingers to activate their functions. Using the Gall Bladder Channel as an example, Diana explains the uses of the point known as Gall Bladder 21 (GB 21). She shows the posture and muscle tone of a horse as he receives acupressure on GB 21.
Lesson Two: The Electrical Nature of Qi and Acupressure
Length of Video: 14 minutes 24 seconds In this lesson, Diana demonstrates the electrical nature of our bodies. She explains how to use this energy to activate the qi of an acupressure point. She shows a science experiment to help students understand how our bodies conduct electricity. She guides a group of students through hands-on exercises so they can experience this concept and understand how little pressure it takes to connect the flow of energy.

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